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3 Tips For Building Authentic Connections On Social Media

Updated: May 31, 2020

In our last blog entry, we talked about how social media is one of the easiest ways to reach millions of customers worldwide. It is an opportunity to reach people you would otherwise never meet and build a non-evasive, authentic connection. Keeping an open mind and putting aside judgment will come a long way when meeting people from all walks of life.

Having authentic connections with customers is good business practice! Here are 3 quick tips for building these authentic relationships on social media:

1) Keep it real! Social platforms are a great place to showcase not just what you are selling but who you are. People love authenticity, and most importantly, they are loyal to authenticity. Strong connections will naturally lead to sales and lifetime clients.

2) Relationships are about give and take. What can you give? Yourself! To have an authentic relationship you are going to need to be a little vulnerable and you’re going to need to have and show genuine interest in the people you engage with. We do this by creating real dialogue and not just posting an emoji. Don't be afraid to be yourself. The relationships that are meant to be will come about naturally.

3) Practice active listening (or in this case reading) and ask thoughtful questions. Guess what? This is good practice IRL too! Have your goal be to build a relationship and not just to make a sale. This will allow you to focus on what they need so you can actually offer something they want. Become a friend giving advice rather than a stranger making a sale.

In summary, put more focus on giving your business a voice and face, and less on sounding like a pushy salesman! For more tips, check back here to our blog or follow us on instagram @thrivesevenmedia.

Thanks for reading! If you want to discuss strategic ways to market your business on the various social platforms, we are here to help! Request a free consultation.

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