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7 Tips for a Scroll-Stopping Bio on IG

One of the most common questions we get from business owners about Instagram is: "What should I have on my Bio?" If this is you, no worries, we are going to jump right in to the answer!

1. Name

Many people don’t know that the name field of your bio is searchable. Instead of putting the name of your company, you are better off putting what you think your target customers will search for. Make yourself more discoverable by putting the services you provide in that section. The username and name fields are the only two searchable sections on your bio. Your username should already be your company name, so no need to repeat it in the name field.

2. Fonts

Make your Bio stand out by changing up the fonts. You can do this several ways, here a few apps & websites to create fun fonts:


3. Your skills and services

Your bio only allows for 150 characters, so make them count. Be clear about the services you offer, what sets you apart from your competitors. If you have a special skill that is not common specify that in your bio to attract your potential customers. Remember to include your niche when mentioning the skills & services you provide.

4. Your hobbies

It is a good idea to include hobbies in your bio especially if you are a solo-preneur. Providing hobbies and interests sends a relatable message to your followers and customers. If your followers relate to your interests and hobbies, they are more likely to engage on your page. Engagement helps with building these long lasting relationships we want with our clients.

5. Add emojis

Emojis have a double duty role! They are great for expressing feelings & other information without using words. As you know, your bio has a character limit of 150, so the less words you use the more space you have available. Emojis are also great to break up information to make the text more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read.

6. Hashtags

Make sure that all hashtags and links are clickable and working. Ever look at someone’s account and the post says that the link is in Bio and when you go to the Bio, the link is broken or missing? This is a simple tip, but happens more often than you may think. As a brand you want your page to be as user friendly as possible. Clickable hashtags and links are the best way to make sure your followers have access to your product or service.

7. Call to action

Instagram users scroll through accounts faster than you can blink. This is especially true of followers going through your Bio, which is why you must put your “Call to Action” in that section. Having a clear CTA lets your clients know what to do next, it guides your clients to take immediate action and encourage immediate sales.

Don't be afraid to have fun with your Bio! Change and update it from time to time to keep your followers and clients in the loop.

Thanks for reading! For more scroll-stopping tips or social media management inquiries, contact us!

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