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How to Find the Perfect Hashtags

Do you keep hearing and reading about the importance of hashtags but you just don't get it? Are you tired of spending hours researching the right hashtags just for your post to get 3 ♥️ from your sisters and your mom? Well, don't worry we're here to break it down a little for you and give you a few tips!

The right hashtags really can make you visible to your target audience. If you are selling anything, whether it be a service or product, good hashtags are vital for your social media marketing plan. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in one post, and if you are just starting out we recommend you use all 30 (AKA a hashtag bank).

In the world of digital marketing, getting the right hashtag for your business is a science in itself. Like everything in science, it requires its own research category. We love to help our readers, however we can, so we compiled a short list of strategies you can use to research the right hashtags for your specific business. (There is more that goes into hashtag research than this, but it’s a great place to start!)

A few things to keep in mind when choosing hashtags:

  • Hashtags are like calories; All hashtags are NOT created equal.

Some hashtags generate hundreds of millions of views like the hashtag #instagood has 1.1 billion posts. Using the most popular and high trafficked is not necessarily the best strategy for your small business. You will want to use a combination of high and low traffic hashtags.

  • Randomize your hashtags

We know that it may be easy to copy and paste your hashtags from a bank, but the Instagram algorithm protects itself from spammers, by ruling out posts that are constantly being posted with the same series of hashtags in the same order. To avoid that, switch up the order of the hashtags in your bank. Don’t take it personally, Instagram is not after your small business, the algorithm wants to ensure that hashtags accurately define the posts. If someone uses the same hashtags constantly and consecutively then there is a chance that the hashtags do not accurately reflect the content.

- Use highly specific hashtags

Using highly specific hashtags will increase the chances of your posts being shown as top posts on the Instagram explore page. The more specific the hashtag, the fewer posts there are within that hashtag, the more likely yours will be seen by your target audience.

These are just a few tips to help you find the right hashtags when posting on social media. You can definitely spend the hours before each post to research the 30 perfect hashtags for your post; if you have that kind of time; however, if you are like most successful business owners and have tons of things to handle for your family and your business; Contact us! We can customize a hashtag bank designed solely for your business. Heck! We will even create your post for you. We tailor packages to your specific needs and budget. Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

Thanks for reading! For more scroll-stopping tips be sure to follow us on Instagram

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