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Instagram Rules, Limits, & Bans!

Are you ever liking or commenting on Instagram and suddenly Instagram is like “na you can’t like anymore today”? If not, then you don’t spend as much time as us on IG and this article isn’t for you 😂 but if yes then stay tuned for the low down on what the daily Instagram rules & limits are so you can avoid getting restricted and/or banned!

Instagram has rules, so many rules, and they are constantly changing. Breaking these rules will surely lead to banishment! 😲 Just kidding, sort of. They can lead to temporary bans and ad restrictions. If you’re a business owner with a business Instagram account then you definitely want to stay on the up and up so you can take full advantage of all that Instagram has to offer.

Let’s start with rules around following. Following and unfollowing are considered the same action. You can follow and/or unfollow 200 accounts per day before you account starts to attract suspicion. If you are a brand new account, you can follow up to 80. The exception is if you automatically connect your Facebook friends when you create the account. Otherwise, you will start to get alerts that say you can’t follow anymore at this time. If this happens, fear not, just take a break and try again tomorrow.

Believe it or not, there are also limits on how many posts you can like. This is something you maybe had not noticed because the limit is 1000 per day and/or 120 per hour. Again, brand new accounts can like less, up to 500.

Comments are limited to 500 per day. However, if you are very active on Instagram you do get more freedom. Suspicion arises when you are not usually active but you suddenly are liking and commenting a lot at one time which makes it appear as if you’re a bot. Ways to avoid appearing like a bot are by not writing the same comments over and over which comes off as spam (and is pretty disingenuous anyway, not to mention kind of tacky - but no judgement 😂). This applies also to direct messages which by the way are limited to 50 accounts per day. If you are a new account and you send the same exact message to lots of accounts within a short period of time you will definitely be banned.

On the bright side, if you have lots to say that is ok! You can use up to 2200 characters in captions and in comments (like we could have totally written this whole blog in a comment 😜).

Hashtags are another frequently used feature where we see people get shadow banned. As we’re sure you already know, you are limited to thirty hashtags per post. Using the same hashtags over and over can also make you come off as a bot and get you banned. We are definitely fans of using all 30 hashtags to reach a broader audience but be sure to use them wisely.

Tags and mentions! You can tag a maximum of 20 people in your post and you can mention up to 10 Instagram users per post... What’s the difference? Well tag you do on the actual picture and mentions are done in the captions and/or comments.

Account name and bio! Your account name is limited to 30 characters (which is a pretty long name) and your bio is limited to 150 characters. So keep that bio sweet, simple, and to the point.

Fear not, not everything has limits! You can post as many posts per day as your heart desires! 😀

Interested in what the Instagram ad restrictions are? Contact us and we’d be happy to help you with your ads!

We sure hope you found these helpful and that it clarified a few of your past hiccups. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks!

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